Gold N' Designs Custom Jewelry and Jewelry Repair
Gold N' Designs Custom Jewelry and Jewelry Repair

Types of  Work We Do in the Jewelry Studio Workshop

Metals I can work with:

Precious metals, All Karats and Colors of Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver as well as some of the other Silver purities for example Fine or Pure Silver, Coin Silver, German Silver and etc. Other Non-Ferrous Metals include; Copper and Brass. 

All Work is Started and Finished in the Gold N' Designs Jewelry Studio Workshop:


Design Jewelry and Decorative Objects.


Wax model carving by hand.




Create Jewelry by the Fabrication Method.


Ring sizing and ring repair.


Repair chains.


Repair and rebuild prong tips and stone settings.


Set Gemstones and Diamonds.


Pearl and Bead stringing.


Written appraisals for the purpose of identification and replacement value.


Repair of some Costume Jewelry pieces.


Install New Watch Batteries.


Cut, file, Weld, Solder, Polish and Clean pieces of jewelry such as Rings, Chains, Pendants, Lockets, Earrings, Brooches, Bracelets, and Belt Buckles.


Locate, order and acquire quality Diamonds, Gemstones, Metals and jewelry parts.


Solder breaks or fill holes and cracks with metal solder, using a laser welder or gas torches.


Position, align and join parts, using a laser welder or solder with gas torches.


Position, align, repair and join parts, using cold connection methods.


Pierce and cut open designs as ornamentation, using drills, burs and hand saws.


Examine articles to determine the nature of defects requiring repair, such as dents, uneven bottoms, scratches, or holes.


Shape and straighten damaged or twisted articles.


Polish articles by hand or by using a polishing wheel.


Anneal precious metal objects such as sheet and wire to soften metal for reworking.


Design and fabricate models of new casting molds, to finish products.


Determine replacement parts, such as stone settings, hinges and clasps, etc... and choosing which methods are used to assemble the parts.


Form metal by using punches and hammers.


Engrave designs, text, or other markings onto materials, work pieces, or products.



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